v1.17 - Change Log


  1. Made the Prism Link inputs stay still. Also the buttons get erased as you hit them. The motion can be turned back on from the System menu.
  2. Changed command entry scenes and treasures so entered commands are erased and the keys don't raise upwards
  3. Added an XBox controller A/B Swap option to the System menu
  4. System settings now get copied over to New Game +
  5. If you started a New Game+ early then several characters could miss earning their starting EXP/PP when they join or rejoin
  6. Percentage based moves on Hard Mode were dealing extra damage
  7. Asera's elemental guard skills MP reduced from 8 to 5. Also now they only use 800 stamina instead of 1000.
  8. Final Tenjin's Neutron Star Omega was Dark element instead of non-elemental
  9. Limit range of Werewolf monster in future scene so he can't block the climbing tile
  10. Monsters in Stained Forest in area before boss can now be avoided
  11. Disable pre-emptive/surprise attacks on the first ghost battle in Arnoa
  12. Reduced shaking in boss map of Arnoa. Shakng is off completely in Easy mode.


  1. Fixed text on Doppler Wave item in crafting book
  2. Don't show stamina bars for hidden enemies
  3. Added AGI stat-down resistance to Chaw, Heindrovia, Barclyss (2nd form), Attrition, Fire Wraith, Earth Wraith, Taen, Tenjin, Final Tenjin
  4. The Sickness resists all stat-downs
  5. Phantasm's Lucid Dreams is no longer reflectable
  6. Crafting menu was showing A and S keys when it should have been X and Y for X-Box Controllers
  7. Bestiary was showing Q and W keys when it should have been LB and RB for X-Box Controllers
  8. Changed Bestiary Left/Right arrows to be Up/Down for Page Up and Page Down
  9. Fixed bug where Xero's walking animation could freeze if certain scenes were skipped

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