v1.11 - Change Log

  1. Fixed bug where MP Absorb Shard could make you lose MP on attacks
  2. Fixed bug where HP Absorb Shard could make you lose HP on attacks
  3. Changed MP Absorb Shard to only have 3 levels instead of 4 (max of 3% absorb per shard). This won't affect current save files. Total max MP absorb for a single character is now 10% instead of 20%.
  4. Eternal Courage, Gasuto No Jinsei, and some skills were not absorbing HP or MP when equipped with HP Absorb or MP Absorb shards
  5. Cursor memory in Stadium on the last Ray you chose
  6. Added "Teyton Hills" name to camp area near Teyton
  7. Enemies sludge and glop would not show up in bestiary after being defeated in flattened form
  8. Fixed crash when trying to escape battles
  9. Bosses Artheritus, Stadium Ghoul, and Farlenbrandt now weak against Undead/Magic damage (Throg's Denouement)
  10. Xero's Journal entries for people now change throughout the game. (Enda gets 3 updates, Mom gets 3, Garin, Morsan, Farrell, The Guide, Baila, Kina, King Nedarin all get 1 update)
  11. NOTE - these won't show up unless you start a new game or haven't done specific scenes yet.
  12. Added Quick Jump to Silver's Ravine
  13. Added Quick Jump to Central Charitine Pass
  14. Disabled Pre-emptive/surprise attack in Divinity Tree fight against Fortuity x2
  15. Fixed typo in Newport - Fued/Feud
  16. Removed extra Tricorne hat received in Newport after the scene
  17. Fixed tile in Burns side-story that could cause a freeze
  18. Fixed bug in Affliction Dome that caused a freeze on the conveyor belts


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Dec 11, 2017

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