v1.6 - Change Log

Version 1.6 has been released with the following changes:

  • Added X-Box L-Joystick movement to System Options
  • Guardian is now a 100% chance of revival and MP cost is 20.
  • Macrocosm can now be used on allies
  • Fixed radiating of Glop and Sludge enemies when they’re in the flattened form. Also they weren’t being revealed in the bestiary if you kill the flattened form.
  • Fixed savepoint at Mesosphere Arca
  • Fixed ray numbering to match bestiary
  • Sorted Rays battle list in Heyama Stadium by bestiary
  • Updated PP Double description. Doesn’t affect equipped shards, only the character’s skills PP.
  • Fixed Xero’s Journal "Places" entries. Towns could show the wrong inventories. Also some new inventories weren’t showing up late game. To fix an incorrect entry just return to the town now.
  • Added Save Journal to Barotian Mountain Inn
  • Fixed the second Wallstock mountain game freeze
  • Snow Orchids at Wallstock mountain said "JP" instead of "PP"
  • Some of the easiest enemies now have a 100% radiate rate
  • Cleaned up New Game+ transfers. Shards are now properly transfered. Play time and total saves are reset. Bestiary kill count and radiated enemies are reset. Rays are not transfered.
  • Tile in Rensa Fields fixed that repeated some hill jumps
  • Corrected weaknesses in bestiary for #8 Rensa Grub and #18 Leafhopper
  • Behind the Blaze Shield journal entry moved forward one scene to hide spoilers
  • Fixed coffee guy’s message in Asera’s lab
  • Asera now needs to learn Rocket for 5PP instead of starting with it. Help message added to Rocket item in Aquadome.
  • Corrected lots of NPC text in Blaze HQ after events in Atlantia
  • Denizen cave switches puzzle now saves the column position if it was left on a switch when leaving

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