v1.14 - Change Log

  1. Added Easy and Hard modes to the System menu. Currently they change the timer on Prism Links, story event key entries, recovery after battle, item stamina usage, how much damage the player's team receives/deals during battle, and some puzzles are made easier. Check the beginning of the Guide for specifics.
  2. Fixed key entry events and chests for controllers
  3. Fixed Up/Down target toggling for controllers
  4. Changed "Skip Scene" image in upper-right to say "LT" when an X-Box controller is connected
  5. Key entry screen during scene in Glarefrost gets easier with each failure
  6. Don't allow ambush/pre-emptive during Atlantia Lab battle
  7. Fixed King Gorger Team Battle in Stadium. Was using the wrong version of King Gorger.
  8. Fixed item icon on treasure in Simon's Well for 2x Heartens
  9. Minor typos
  10. Leafhoppers could be killed by Steal

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