v1.3 Change Log

Tons of updates from the last 6 Steam builds. Check out the community hub here for a full listing. Major changes include X-Box controller support, WASD movement, prism link simplification, game crash fixes, etc.

Latest v1.3 changes:

  1. Fixed Fort Shaul secret area save point bug
  2. Fixed bug that allowed you to get stuck in the Old Man's house near the end of the game
  3. Increased damage of Element damage based skills: Blinding Darkness, Shroud, Freezer Burn, Ravine, Shatter, Scald. Shroud is now mag damage rather than phy.
  4. Fixed attack animation on Blinding Darkness.
  5. Fixed Kioku weapon attack animation
  6. Forever Home title scrolls to the right on Title Screen
  7. Pib wasn't showing as Radiated after beating his sidequest. Talk to Igloo guy to have it fixed.
  8. Can now use Phantom in the Blaze HQ jail cells after you get the airship. All jails are now accessible.
  9. Using Reset in a jail cell after using Phantom was causing main character to stay as Throg.
  10. Fixed a bunch of skills that could do less than 0 damage and heal enemies if ATK is too low.


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Nov 15, 2017

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