v1.8.1 - Change Log

Version 1.8.1 has been released with the following changes:

  1. Fixed EXP curves. Can now go past lvl 99 up to 500. (NOTE - After lvl 60 the curve plateaus so it is as easy to get from 60 to 61 as it is to get from 99 to 100. After 100 it takes longer.)
  2. Allow players to return to their boat after entering Horizon's edge. Boat disappears now after leaving Blue Creek 
  3. Quick jump over to Horizon's Edge docks
  4. Move Horizon's Edge savepoint closer to the boss
  5. Fixed Palisade Prison puzzle so barrels can't fuse with blockers
  6. Fixed bug in Serrison where you could stay slowed down inside houses
  7. Erased extra guard in Fort Shaul
  8. Floes north of Central Charitine Pass were dropping coordinates that do nothing.
  9. Lowerd MP cost of Asera's Prism links, added level requirement of 20 on Link II 
  10. Anx item now recovers 15 TP instead of 10 and no longer lowers stamina. 
  11. Added a small mini-scene to Baila's house after sidequests open. You can get a few healing items. (Anx, Apple Loaf, Roll, Tropical Salad) 
  12. Takamaro left the World Map slightly gray when leaving town 
  13. Minor grammar/spelling fixes 
  14. Limited movement of soldier in Barre who could block the Inn exit 
  15. Various tile walkability bugs
  16. Show only a single status removal message when 3 or more status are cured all at once
  17. Throg's MP was going above 0 past level 99 
  18. Changed HP Absorb/MP Absorb Shards so they are active on all physical attack skills. Percentages per Shard are slightly lowerered. 
  19. Raheen summon - Changed to restore MP and add Genius on all. MP restore amount is 40 at max level and chance of Genius is based on TP. 
  20. Enda's Construct skill MP changed from 10 to 5 
  21. Atlantia Inn guy was getting stuck on player causing a freeze 
  22. Degrader device now acts like the Wound skill - Makes an ally's attack weak so it will never kill the enemy. 
  23. The Southern Point Lighthouse made the World Map slightly orange when leaving 
  24. Made Junk collector quicker when you're exchanging lots of items at once 
  25. Fixed "The Crystal Horizon" journal entry. Talk to Clera after Sidequests become available to have the blank entry removed. 
  26. Fixed freeze if you try to skip a scene during the Cataclysm Battle (after you clear the roof of derrangers) 
  27. Wildling catch rate from 110 to 250. Glop catch rate from 40 to 60 (in upright form) 
  28. Added food merchant to Wallstock Mountain 
  29. Stopped a rare crash when Burns attacked a party member while confused 
  30. Added Lightning weakness to Scorched Ice bestiary entry 
  31. Fixed 3 NPC's text in Barre after Palisade Prison / sidequests 
  32. Fixed lots of walkable tiles that shouldn't be walkable 
  33. Fixed lots of NPCs that were wandering around when they should stand still 
  34. Fixed Halo Ring. Also made it give 12 def/mdef 
  35. Fixed game freeze if you return to Heyama Checkpoint after events in Heyama. 
  36. Fixed bug where you couldn't save Game Clear data after beating final boss


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Nov 29, 2017

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