v1.15 - Change Log

  1. Added enemy stamina bars to show when foes are about to attack. Can be turned off from the System menu.
  2. When a Shard splits after a battle show the holder's name in the message
  3. Xbox LStick wasn't working in the Shop Buy/Sell menus
  4. Field Skills icon in upper left now says RB instead of R1 for X-Box controllers
  5. LWIR Rifle is now slightly more effective against the Storm and Terra Beasts. Mongrels are also now slightly weak to it.
  6. Conjure (Stadium Challenge battle #10) can no longer have his abilities reflected
  7. Burns' Chaos Wave (Prism Link) is now a physical attack
  8. Raised HP of "The Sickness" (Stadium Challenge #12)
  9. Quills that pop out of the ground in Central Charitine Pass near the chasm won't appear if you're approaching from the north
  10. Stadium Team Battle #10 Garbeetle wasn't losing DEF on each hit. Cosmic Glowbug wasn't Ranged Only attacks.
  11. Minor typos

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